2013 was a year that changed my life. On a whim I decided to take an acting class to fill my semester schedule. It was my final year of school and well, it sounded interesting. While I intended for this class to be an extra curricular activity, I had no idea the difference it would make in my life. I had found a place to express myself, a place to have fun, a home. I have been fortunate to stay busy acting since. Below you will find a list of role that I have been fortunate enough to play.


COLUMBIA  The Rocky Horror Show  Mad Myrna's

CHIFFON  Little Shop of Horrors  Mad Myrna's

ZOMBIE  Shakespeare's Land of the Dead University of Alaska Anchorage

SEA CAPTAIN (as a male) Twelfth Night  University of Alaska Anchorage

BRUNHILDE  Das Barbecu  Cyrano's

DEBBIE BENTON  Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical  Mad Myrna's

PLAYER  Pippin  Theatre Artist United

JOANNA WILKES  Big River  University of Alaska Anchorage